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Fashion Flashback - Kate Beckinsale Then & Now

Fashion Flashback - Kate Beckinsale Then & Now

Kate Beckinsale somehow manages to get more stunning and more stylish with each passing year.

Sure, she still likes to show off her figure in curve-loving gowns, she still tosses on a retro frock now and then, and every once in a while she still likes to get gutsy in a funky jumpsuit. But in the past 10 years, a more refined, a more elegant, and (dare we say it?) a sexier Kate has blossomed on the red carpet. Take a look back through her fashion and beauty journey with these jaw-dropping before and after photos. Cheers to many more years of her non-stop ever-evolving age-defying glamour!

The Prettiest Celebrity Maxi-Dresses

Great Lengths: The 20 Prettiest Celebrity Maxi-Dresses
There's something particularly romantic about a long day dress, isn't there? Whether it's in a classic floral print or delicate pleats, colorful stripes or lace, there's no easier (or more comfortable!) way to make a style statement this spring.

From Miranda Kerr to Jessica Alba, check out our 20 all-time favorite maxis right here. Prepare to be inspired.

Dita Von Teese's Red Wrap Maxi

Behati Prinsloo's Pretty On-Set Pleats

Alessandra Ambrosio's Bright and Sexy Stripes

Kourtney Kardashian in Zig-Zags

Miranda Kerr's Mint Wrap Dress

Miley Cyrus in White Pleats and a Moto Jacket

Annasophia Robb's Sweet Stripes

Jessica Alba in '90s Floral

The Client List' Season 2 Finale Recap - 'What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am / Wild Nights are Calling'

The Client List' Season 2 Finale Recap - 'What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am / Wild Nights are Calling'
By Danica Lo on June 16, 2013

(Courtesy Lifetime) The season two finale of The Client List

Tonight's two-hour season two 
The Client List season finale brings a string of storylines to a neat and tidy end... or does it? Here's what happened—tell us what you think of the last season two episode, below.

Who has the client list? At the end of last week's episode, Riley realizes that her carefully hidden little black book—the client list that includes names and detailed notes of all the powerful men who visit The Rub looking for a little something extra—has been taken. The season finale opens with Riley freaking out that bad guy Greg Carlisle has the list—and she works on getting her finances in order just in case something happens—she puts her house in Kyle's name and she gives Lacey a giant pouch full of cash to take care of Kyle and the kids.

When Riley tells Georgia the client list is missing, and that Carlisle might have it, Georgia flips out. "You only get one chance to kill a snake," she tells Riley, "you have got to cut its head off and crush it."

While Riley is searching for the client list, she finds out that the judge—Mr. Louboutin—has recently started receiving threatening emails from someone demanding that the prostitution task force be called off within two days, or the client list will be unveiled to the public.

Lynette's off the show? Riley's mom Lynette summons both Riley and Lacey to the rehab center where she's been staying for the past two months. She tells them she's moving to Austin after getting out of rehab.

Evan's undercover prostitution sting: Since Evan was made a Texas Ranger last week—and was put on a special prostitution and human trafficking task force—his girlfriend Shelby has been promoted to a detective in internal affairs, and has been assigned to spy on Evan. She tells him that the guy who broke into Riley's house worked for Carlisle, and from now on, she won't be able to protect Evan's family secrets anymore.

As for the sting, the police force are full-on watching Greg Carlisle. They've put surveillance cameras in one of his massage parlors and in Wild Nights, his strip club. And they've shot photos of one of Riley's girls, Nikki, canoodling with Carlisle on a street corner.

Riley goes bananas on Nikki: Back at The Rub, Riley is laying into Nikki—as in, totally beating her up. Nikki swears up and down that she didn't give the client list to Carlisle, and tells Riley it's in the trunk of her car. When they go to look for it, all they find is a note from Carlisle. He has it!

Will Lacey and Dale ever get a baby? This episode, Lacey and Dale have passed their home inspection and adopt a baby boy from a teen mom.

Kyle finally gets a job: The former football star gets a call from the high school coach—but it turns out that he hasn't landed Kyle a coaching position. Instead, Kyle gets a job working maintenance. He swallows his pride and takes the job.

Derek and Selena march on!
 At the beginning of the episode, Selena and Derek are having their endless push-and-pull over Derek's desire to commit and Selena's resistance. Derek somehow convinces Selena to take a copy of his home key—and he wants her to start spending more and more time at his place. She completely freaks out—she has some serious trust issues and was cheated on by her ex-husband—and gives him back the key.

Nikki tries to redeem herself: The judge tells Riley that they have a search warrant for Carlisle's Wild Nights strip club on his desk. But, instead, Riley convinces Nikki to try to redeem herself by going to the cops with information about how Carlisle traffics girls in from Eastern Europe to work at his massage parlors.

Riley's plan: to get Carlisle out of the strip club during Wild Nights' amateur night. She gets Nikki to summon him to her apartment. Riley is heading to club in disguise to audition—Georgia phones in a phony INS warning to the club—and Riley breaks into Carlisle's office safe, where Nikki is sure he keeps the client list.

Everything goes according to plan—except that Riley doesn't know that the club is under video surveillance—and turns out Evan is on video duty that night. He sees everything that goes down.

Carlisle gets a call from the club saying that someone stole the client list and his gun from the office safe. He chokes Nikki.

The Season Finale: At home, Kyle is serving dinner to the kids when Evan calls up and tells him Riley's in serious trouble and he's following her to The Rub. Kyle calls Dale and Lacey to come over and watch the kids. Evan and Kyle head to The Rub in different cars. Riley's already there and about to BURN THE RUB DOWN (allcaps totally necessary there). She pours a bottle of liquor all over her desk, all over the client list. She—smart!—shoots things in the office with Carlisle's gun.

At that precise moment, Carlisle shows up and kicks in her glass door. He throws down with her and she pistol-whips him with his own gun and sets her desk on fire.

As she's running outside, The Rub blows up behind her. It's like scene out of Indiana Jones—or, at least, the Angela Bassett driveway scene in
 Waiting to Exhale.

Riley runs outside, wearing only her lingerie, a wig, stilettos, and a trench coat—blood all over her face. Evan's there and Kyle pulls up. The last words we hear this season are: "I can explain."

End scene.

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